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Please read through carefully prior to selecting each box as required that, if you are agreed to accept/ After submission of application you will be contacted by one of regional manager soon as your details appear on the system or within approximately 2 to 4 weeks. further enquiries will be considered accordingly, You are Not required to send any documents by Post at this stage.
Note: (The application will be considered , if the SIA licence is valid and approved, you must provide your email address and your contact details).
Submitting same details twice will slow our response . Send one application for each person at a time. Do not post any documents before the interview.
I am a resident of the United Kingdom, I do not smoke any tobacco or substances neither of any addiction of use of any drugs that, effects work performance and, I am authorised to work full time without immigration control. ( full documents will be required to present at your interview )
Leading 5 Documents must be provided at the interview along 1 personal reference: ( please select as apply )

Proof of right to work in th UK or British Passport.
SIA Licence.
Bank statement.
either of one photo ID: Driving Licence or Passport.
Security training Certificate, or Delegate number and Name of Institution. ( Regardless of Expiry date).

My English language is up to a good standard for work related communication includes Listening, spoken and written.
I have good knowledge and skills to find transport for meeting work time as scheduled.
I am willing to develop new skills and training with ASI and work for long terms.
I am physically and psychologically strong and attending gym regularly or relevant activity

My body weight is Not over 100KG and Not under 50KG.
I am agreed to complete CTC form (Counter Terrorist Check) and attend Key communication Test and, Fitness examination for answering all the Security questions including psychological in written test, Lifting free-weights up to 40KG ( On Successful initial process a free Gym membership is offered to all employees )

ASI employees carry professional standard of equal opportunity and, all adhere to strictly No smoking policy at all times. Compliance of ECHR 1998 and HRA 1998.
Warnings & Health and Safety: ( by ticking the box you have read understand with full intention and agreed on providing consent for obtaining your personal record from UK BA, Met Pol, NHS, CTC and Local Authority resided for considerably extended period).

(By selecting this box provides that, you have read and understood with intention prior to commence submission)
In the circumstances of membership of any group of self harming, or smoking habit that appear significantly dangerous or having any drugs usage addiction or eating food disorder, or any inappropriate condition that infringe and ascending H&S issue at work place, initial stage will proceed from internal disciplinary action, or either direct with the authority, if any information found given as false prior to commencing employment or traced subsequently and, if found in the possession of Illegal substances, the Application will more likely to be rejected and the employee will be dismissed immediately that, may lead to further proceedings, The consequences are likely to be immediate Licence revocation, Criminal Record, extensive penalty and maybe imprisonment.
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