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Aviation, Transports, Security Guarding, Retail, CCTV, Office Concierge , Commercial, Special Events,

Social Clubs, Close Protection, Securing against Cyber Crime.

ASI (Assist Secure Inspect) have trained and experienced responsible individuals for managing safety& Security in developing approach, effective use of process and co-ordination mechanism, focused on risk management that builds flexibility between our security team.

We ensure staff adherence to regulations for indentify, detect and prevention of terrorist threats including use of security scanners code of practice, checks to ensure it dose not contain anything prohibited, banned, restrict or dangerous items.

Information and guidance for Customers and maintaining environment protection up to the highest standard, Ultimate deterrence of theft, Property damage and robbery, assistance for involved organisations in crime prevention partnership which save your business from disruption.

Office front of house concierge and access control will deliver a peace of mind to your staff and security for business premises, for maintain the high quality assurance by experts performing flexible role, the internal Security training is organised according to alternative business requirement and adherence to given procedures relevance, that meet the need of your business.

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